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We get it.
Lack of access, ingrained beliefs due to the history of colonization, and potential judgement for practicing unorthodox lifestyles/choices; a lot of "stuff" contributes to why many Black people often find themselves in conscious wellness spaces where they are the only who identifies as such.
Sacred plant medicines hold profound potential for healing generational trauma within the Black and African community, providing a unique pathway to explore the depths of one's ancestral history and the collective consciousness.
Our retreats provide a safe space to do this, where you know you are free to emote, release, and simply be in a setting where the history of your cultural heritage is nurtured.

Day 1 (July 18th)

2 PM– Check-in 

4 PM– Orientation (very important)

6:30 PM– Dinner

8 PM– Guided Meditation

8:30 PM– Individual intention setting

Day 2 (July 19th)

8 AM– Qi Gong & Yoga

9:30 AM– Brunch

12 PM– Waterfall excursion

3 PM– Rest

6:30 PM– First Ayahuasca ceremony + Rapé

Day 3 (July 20th)

9:30 AM– Brunch

1 PM – Rest + Enjoy salt water pool

2:30 PM– Group Share #1

4:30 PM– Breathwork

6:30 PM– Second Ayahuasca ceremony + Rapé

Day 4 (July 21st)

9:30 PM– Brunch

1 PM– Rest + Enjoy salt water pool

2:30 PM– Group Share #2

5:30 PM– Blue Lotus Ceremony and Yoga

8:30 PM– Dinner

Day 5 (July 22nd)

10:00 AM– Brunch

1 PM– Huachuma Ceremony

4 PM– Taichi

5:30 PM– Nature Walk

7:30 PM– Sound Journey

8:30 PM– Dinner

9:30 PM– Kirtan Music Circle

12 AM– Closing Ceremony

Day 6 (July 23rd)

9:30 AM– Breakfast

11:30 AM– Integration Circle

1 PM– Farewell

2 PM– Optional Bufo Ceremony**



SHARED STANDARD ROOM 32,000 THB/925 USD per person


11 Spots Available. Reservation requires a 7,000 THB/200 USD deposit.

Deposit- 7,000 THB/200 USD

2nd Payment - 7,000 THB/200 USD

3rd Payment- 7,000 THB/200 USD

2nd and 3rd Installment Payments are due every 30 days. The remaining amount is due 30 days before the first day of the retreat. 

Please note, any reservations made within 30 days of the first day of the retreat must be paid in full.


We strongly suggest that patrons purchase travel insurance in the case of sickness or change of plans. In the case that you can’t attend after you’ve reserved your spot, please contacts us.


Day 1
You arrive the day of the retreat into the Chiang Mai International Airport. The retreat center is about 40 minutes aways from the airport via Grab or taxi, anywhere between $7-17 USD. Check-In begins at 1 PM; settle in, get some rest after your travel journey, meditate, and prepare your mind for the next 5 days. We’ll then move into our introductions, where you’ll meet your retreatmates and facilitators. You’ll also be briefed on some necessary information about the ceremony, about Ayahuasca, and some rules to observe during your journey. Following our introductions, we'll have our first group dinner to get further acquainted. Afterward, we’ll begin to prepare our minds, hearts, and spirits with a guided meditation and individual intention setting.
Day 2
We will begin the day with a grounding Qi Gong and yoga session in the morning followed by breakfast. Refresh yourself with an Ayurvedic, plant-based meal before we begin fasting for the day. At noon, we'll embark on a waterfall excursion to align ourselves with the mindset of flow and surrender. Then, we return to the retreat center to take some rest and recoup. During this time, you’re also encouraged to observe your intention once again. An hour after sunset, we'll begin our first Ayahuasca ceremony. The ceremonies last about 7 hours and fruits will be served afterward. 

Day 3
Breakfast commences at 9:30 AM the following morning. Shortly after breakfast ends, we’ll go into our first group share to process the previous night. Afterward, you’ll have some free time to spend with yourself or enjoy the salt water pool. At the top of the evening, we'll begin our breathwork
. During this simple, yet transformational session, we’ll guide you through a special breathing technique which releases your body’s own natural DMT. After this, we'll rest and then commence with our second Ayahuasca ceremony.


Day 4

Breakfast commences at 9:30 AM the following morning. Shortly after breakfast ends, we’ll go into our second group share to process the previous night. Later that day, we'll hold the Sacred Blue Lotus ceremony. During this time, we'll give you some history and facts about Nymphaea caerulea and its history in Ancient Kemet. Afterward, we'll commence with a grounding session of yoga. Dinner immediately follows.

 Day 5
We will start the day with brunch at 10 AM. Our Huachuma ceremony begins at the top of the afternoon. We will allow folks in Chiang Mai the opportunity to participate in the ceremony, so you will have a chance to meet and connect with others in the community. We'll begin with an opening group share to give you valuable information about the history of the grandfather plant and its heart-opening effects. After the opening ceremony, you’re free to enjoy the salt water pool at Amaravati, take some time to yourself, or commune with other retreat goers. After this,  there will be a Taichi session to help ease into the expansion of the Huachuma trip. Immediately after Taichi, we'll go on a relaxing nature walk as the sun begins to set. Once we return to Amaravati, we’ll hold an activating and intimate soundbath ceremony. Dinner immediately follows. To end the night with a bang, we hold a kirtan circle with mantra chanting, drumming, singing, and dancing. We’ll end the Huachuma ceremony day with a closing prayer of gratitude. 
Day 6
Breakfast begins at 9:30 AM on the last day of the retreat. Following breakfast we will begin one last group share to further process our 5-day experience and give more information about integration after plant medicine. We’ll end our retreat with a closing prayer followed by pictures and goodbyes. **There will be an optional Bufo ceremony offered after the retreat ends. This is not included in the retreat and can be covered at your own expense.



After the retreat ends, we'll hold a four-week integration circle once a week via Zoom to help you further process the experience and navigate plant medicine aftercare. Attendance is optional.

We partner with the team at Plant Medicine Retreat Thailand who will facilitate most of the activities and serve Ayahuasca and Huachuma. To learn more about them, click here.

Nneka Osueke (she/her)

Nneka Osueke

Nneka Osueke is a creative, medicine woman, globetrotter, and the founder of Diaspora Sacred Plant Medicine Retreat. With a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology, Nneka is passionate about art, plant medicine, and creating access to holistic wellness for BIPOC communities. At five years old, she found her way to painting, dancing, drawing, poetry, and writing as an outlet to navigate a home where she often witnessed domestic violence. Nneka heeded the calling to plant medicine, specifically psilocybin and Ayahuasca, to accompany folks through the facilitation of their inner child and intergenerational healing. Along with this, she studies/practices West African spiritualities and enjoys immersing herself in other Indigenous practices through travel and experience. 

Gigi Baker (they/them)
Minister of Sound/Steward


Minister Gigi is a sound minister, facilitator, shadow worker, and sex shaman. Growing up singing in the Baptist church, Minister Gigi learned very quickly that sound and healing are one and the same. They would later on find out that the connection they felt to their body and their senses, in church services, was not too far from what they felt during erotic intimacy. After radically getting fired from two different churches, Minister Gigi found themselves on a journey with plant medicine. Throughout this journey they would go on to complete their certification in Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Healing Therapy at the Tibetan Singing Bowl Center in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Although Minister Gigi had the education and skills to share with others they took their time to go inward, integrate the lessons, and self heal. Having made the connection between sound, eroticism, and medicine, Minister Gigi has personally found a path to healing that has been transformative and is honored to now serve their community with these modalities as well.

Safiya Broadwater (she/her)

Safiya Broadwater

Safiya Broadwater has been working with plant medicine on a personal level for almost a decade. Although she's explored the traditional path of acquiring knowledge through education and work systems, incorporating the spiritual components into her reality changed her life. The insight she's gained from this has been transformational. Throughout Safiya's continuous journey of knowledge on the human experience, she's obtained a Masters in Clinical and Counseling Psychology and accumulated over 20 years of service in the mental health profession. At some point, the act of creating her own inner peace and joy took precedence over any other pathway, which led her here: working with the medicine, working with the people, and allowing it all to unfold in unexpected yet profound ways. 


The retreat takes places at Amaravati Wellness Center, a scared space built around Indian Vastu principals. The feeling of the resort center is unnmatched in its ability to calm your heart and mind, while energizing your spirit at the same time. 

  • What's included?
    The six-day, five-night retreat includes two Ayahusca ceremonies, one Huachuma ceremony, one Sacred Blue Lotus ceremony, all meals, private room and bath, and all the activities listed above.
  • What's not included?
    Flight, travel insurance, visa fees, and transportation to and from the airport is not included. Although the retreat pricing does not include transportation to the center, we will help you in coordinating your ground transport to Amaravati. There will be an optional Bufo ceremony offered after the retreat ends. This is not included in the retreat and must be covered at your own expense. Also, please bring your own water bottle and swimsuit for the pool.
  • Does the deposit go toward the full amount of the retreat?
    Yes, the initial 200 USD deposit goes to cover your total expenses for the retreat and confirms your spot.
  • Where do you source your plant medicine from?
    The facilitators serving traveled to Peru to work extensively with the medicine and source it directly from its motherland. We've studied and sourced both the plant and seeds of the true Nymphaea caerulea from a reputable dealer in the U.S.
  • Where's the nearest airport?
    The nearest and only airport is the Chiang Mai International Airport. It's about 40 minutes from the retreat center via Grab (ride share service app) or taxi.
  • What's the difference between the rooms?
    To see the rooms, click here.
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