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You're invited to embark on a transformational journey at Goddess and Moon: A Women's Wellness Retreat, where feminine empowerment meets serenity. Join us for a magical experience designed to nurture your recovery from burnout and reignite a deep connection with yourself.
Emerge rejuvenated enough for you to welcome ease and self-care back into your life. 


Goddess and Moon Mexico
Sea Turtle Excursion
Fresh, Latin Cuisine

Fresh, Savory Latin Cuisine

Plant Medicine Ceremony and Snorkeling Excursion 

Sun and Rest in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Day 1 (August 21st)

Check-In begins @ 1 PM

Opening Ceremony: Introductions and Opening Meditation @ 3 PM

Hatha Yoga on the Beach, with Sound Bowl Meditation @ 5:30 PM

Dinner @ 7 PM

Day 2 (August 22nd)

Breakfast @ 9AM

EMDR Group Therapy @ 11 AM

Lunch @ 1 PM

Spa Day begins @ 3 PM

Dinner @ 7PM

Day 3 (August 23rd)

Breakfast @ 9:30 AM

 DMT Breathwork Session @ 11 AM

Vipassana Meditation and Observation Begins immediately after

Lunch @ 1 PM

Vipassana Meditation Ends @ 6 PM

Group Share @ 6 PM

Burn and Release Ceremony with Dinner @ 7 PM

Closing Meditation @ 8 PM

Day 4 (August 24th)

Huachuma Microdosing Ceremony @ 8 AM

Excursion @ 11 AM

Cocktail Dinner @ 7 PM

Day 5 (August 25th)

Breakfast @ 8:30 AM

Group Share with Closing Ceremony @ 11 AM 

Goodbyes/Pictures afterward



Day 1
You arrive the day of the retreat into the Cancun Airport. The home is about an hour drive away. Check-In begins at 1 PM; settle in, get some rest after your travel journey. We’ll then move into our introductions, where you’ll meet your retreatmates. You’ll also be briefed on some necessary information about the retreat, the group therapy, and the excursion. Afterward, we’ll begin to prepare our minds, hearts, and spirits with some yoga on the beach and a sound bowl session among the crashing waves.  We'll end the night with an opening toast and evening dinner.
Day 2
Breakfast begins at 9 AM. We'll begin our Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Group Therapy. During this session, we'll experience how EMDR can be a powerful catalyst for healing. Within this space, we'll be sure to give information about noticing and advocating for triggers, listening to your body, and finally, helping you ground once again at the end of the session. Lunch is served immediately after. To help you process and further ground, we'll begin our spa and massage day. Dinner is served later that evening. 

Day 3
Breakfast commences at 9:30 AM the following morning. Shortly after breakfast ends, we'll begin our DMT breathwork. DMT is the psychoactive compound found in Ayahuasca and naturally exists in plants, animal, and humans. During this simple, yet transformational session, we’ll guide you through a special breathing technique which releases your body’s own DMT. After this, we'll have a short group share and go into our Vipassana Meditation/Observation. Vipassana (which translates to "to see things as they really are") is a Buddhist meditation practice in which the meditator focuses on the ebb and flow of bodily sensations to help push aside the egoic illusions which cause emotional, mental, and even physical pain. After a practice of this meditation style, we'll begin to observe what is called "noble silence", in which we refrain from any form of communication with others. This allows us the space to finally sit with ourselves and our thoughts. During this time, you are asked to mediate on something you would like to release from your life-- anything from self doubt to past heartbreaks. Dinner begins afterward, opening with a brief burn and release ceremony while we eat. During this ritual, you are asked to write your "release" on a piece of paper and drop it into a small flame, essentially symbolizes the beginning, or finalization, of your letting go process.

Day 4

To get the full effects of the plant medicine we will fast for the morning. Our Huachuma Microdosing ceremony will begin at 8 AM Shortly after dinner ends, I will brief you on the sacred plant medicine, and what to expect throughout the day.  Brunch will commence at 10 AM and our excursion transportation will arrive at 11 AM. We'll honor the water goddesses by indulging in day of fun and flow: snorkeling with sea turtles and swimming in a freshwater cenote. Once we arrive back from the trip, we'll rest up after the adventurous day. Adorned in our after-five attire, we'll indulge in a dinner of Latin cuisine, decadent desert, and fine wine (if you care to have it, of course). We'll end our last full day with this intimate, reflective dinner.

 Day 5
We will start the day with breakfast at 10 AM.  Following our morning meal, we'll have our final group share to further process our experiences. During this time, I'll also give more information about integration after plant medicine. We'll end our retreat with a closing meditation and prayer, goodbyes, and pictures.


Nneka Osueke (she/her)

Nneka Osueke

Nneka Osueke is a creative, medicine woman, and globetrotter. With a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology, Nneka is called to use art, holistic wellness, and plant medicine to help heal and break the cycle of generational trauma in BIPOC and femme communities. Along with this, she studies/practices West African spiritualities and enjoys immersing herself in other Indigenous practices through travel and experience. 
Nneka specializes in culturally-sensitive care, she is the author of Blooming Abroad: For Black Women Traveling To Foreign Lands, and is the founder of Diaspora Sacred Plant Medicine Retreat.


Goddess and Moon MX takes place in a private beach home in the gorgeous coastal city of Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Please stay tuned for more information.

  • What's included?
    The six-day, five-night retreat includes two Ayahusca ceremonies, one Huachuma ceremony, one Sacred Blue Lotus ceremony, all meals, private room and bath, and all the activities listed above.
  • What's not included?
    Flight, travel insurance, visa fees, and transportation to and from the airport is not included. Although the retreat pricing does not include transportation to the center, we will help you in coordinating your ground transport to Amaravati. There will be an optional Bufo ceremony offered after the retreat ends. This is not included in the retreat and must be covered at your own expense. Also, please bring your own water bottle and swimsuit for the pool.
  • Does the deposit go toward the full amount of the retreat?
    Yes, the initial 200 USD deposit goes to cover your total expenses for the retreat and confirms your spot.
  • Where do you source your plant medicine from?
    The facilitators serving traveled to Peru to work extensively with the medicine and source it directly from its motherland. We've studied and sourced both the plant and seeds of the true Nymphaea caerulea from a reputable dealer in the U.S.
  • Where's the nearest airport?
    The nearest and only airport is the Chiang Mai International Airport. It's about 40 minutes from the retreat center via Grab (ride share service app) or taxi.
  • What's the difference between the rooms?
    To see the rooms, click here.


Early Hummingbird Investment | 2,500 USD per person (ends April 1, 2024)
Single Room | 3,000 USD per person (after April 1, 2024)

4 Spots Available

Payment Plans

To make a reservation, we require a minimum of a $500 deposit.

A second payment of $500 is due 30 days after the date of the deposit payment.

A third payment of $500 is due 30 days after the date of the second payment.

The remaining amount is due 30 days before the first day of the retreat on July 22, 2024


Please note, any reservations made within 30 days of the start of the retreat must be paid in full.


We can honor a 30% refund up to 7 days after the initial payment.

We can honor a 10% refund up to 10 days after initial payment.

Refunds are not allowed after 10 days of initial deposit.


We strongly suggest that patrons purchase travel insurance in the case of sickness or change of plans. In the case that you can’t attend after you’ve reserved your spot, please contacts us.

To register for the retreat, click the button below.

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